What does outta mean?

Out of

"Outta" is a quick way to say "out of." People may use it online, in text messages, and in real life as an abbreviation, or just to sound cooler.

Outta is typically seen when people are saying they are leaving a place or describing where something came from. It is widely used in various contexts, such as hip hop songs, sports, and just in normal conversation.

For example, in baseball when a home run is hit, announcers often say, "it's outta here!" Or when your sister admits to your parents at the dinner table that she dropped out of college you wanna get outta there real quickly.

There are many two-word phrases contracted as one-word slang terms. Some other common examples include gonna (going to), dunno (don't know), and imma (I'm gonna).


I'm gettin outta here. Cya later

When you gotta dip real quick

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Updated July 8, 2021

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