Sprinkle Sprinkle

What does sprinkle sprinkle mean?


Sprinkle sprinkle is a slang term that means "blessings" or "bless your heart." It was coined by YouTuber SheraSeven, but has since spread to and gone viral on TikTok.

Origin of sprinkle sprinkle

Primarily, SheraSeven's YouTube videos provide dating advice to her viewers. After giving out a piece of advice, SheraSeven often ends her thought with "sprinkle sprinkle."

As SheraSeven herself explained in a video, sprinkle sprinkle "means like blessings, bless your heart. It's just something I made up a long time ago on this channel." In another video, SheraSeven says sprinkle sprinkle "has so many meanings. It's a way to say thank you; it's a way to say I agree; it's a way to say okay; it's a way to say blessings and abundance back to you as well."

While SheraSeven primarily posts her content on YouTube, TikTokers often clip segments of her videos, add their own images and captions, and reshare them. Many of these clips include the phrase sprinkle sprinkle. So, as SheraSeven's content spread across TikTok, so did TikTokers' usage of sprinkle sprinkle.


If your man is broke, you've got to dump him. Sprinkle sprinkle!
A clip of SheraSeven explaining what sprinkle sprinkle means
A clip of SheraSeven explaining what sprinkle sprinkle means

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Updated May 25, 2023

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