What does SSDD stand for in messages?

Same stuff, different day


SSDD is shorthand for the common saying "same stuff, different day" ("stuff" is an alternative for "s***"). People typically use it when messaging to say that nothing new is happening.

For example, a person may text their friend asking how they are doing, and the friend replies simply with, "You know, SSDD." Or, a woman may message her husband, "How's work?" to which he replies, "SSDD. I'm gonna bounce early today, though."

People may also use SSDD on social media. For example, a man may post a video of his co-worker running a forklift with the caption, "SSDD."


How's it going?
Not bad, SSDD
That SSDD feeling at work
That SSDD feeling at work

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Updated July 19, 2023

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