NM has 3 meanings
1. What does NM stand for?

Not much

NM is an acronym that stands for "not much," and is typically seen online or in text messages. It may be used to answer a variety of questions but it is often used as a response to "What's up?"

The answer is typically employed by people who don't have anything cool to talk about or simply do not want to share any further details about the things going on in their life. The acronym is particularly popular amongst teenage boys.


What's up, man?
NM, what's up with you?
Not much means "not much"
Not much means "not much"

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Updated April 10, 2019
2. What does NM stand for in emails?

No message

In emails, NM stands for "no message." An email that contains the acronym NM is a) an oxymoron and b) likely a SIM-style message, in which the email's subject line contains its only relevant text.

If you receive an NM email, there is likely NNTR. Most NM emails are strictly informational, and used to send short snippets of information to a co-worker or friend.


Subject: 50% off sale at Sears, thought you should know
Body: NM

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Updated January 7, 2021
3. What is nm short for?


Nm is often short for "nevermind." People who use nm this way want you to disregard what they said in their previous message.

For example, if your SO sends you a text that reads "What do you want for dinner?," and you don't answer, they may send you a follow-up text that says "Nm, I ordered pizza." In this instance, your SO wants you to disregard their initial question, because they no longer care about what your answer would have been.


NM, you wouldn't understand anyway

A man who is about to send nm

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Updated July 6, 2022

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