What does SUSFU stand for?

Situation unchanged, still fouled up


SUSFU stands for "Situation unchanged, still fouled up," which means that a bad situation hasn't gotten any better. It is typically used online or in text messages.

The acronym is very similar to the SUAFU acronym, which is a variation of the more common SNAFU military acronym. Most people that use SUSFU are people who served in the military, work in some sort of IT capacity, or just want to sound cool.

SUSFU is commonly used to reply to people who are checking in, asking how things are going after some sort of harrowing or stressful experience. It's kind of a bummer of an acronym since it means that no positive progress has been made in the situation.

Some recipients may think that SUSFU is a bit intense since "fouled" is a substitute for "fu**ed." So be careful who you use it with.


SUSFU, my mom still doesn't want me to go to the party and won't let me have the car...
SUSFU means
SUSFU means Situation unchanged, still fouled up

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Updated October 21, 2020

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