Fum has 2 meanings
1. What is fum short for?

Total fumbles

Fum is a football abbreviation that refers to the total number of fumbles by a player or team. It is used as a statistic in football and counts as negative points in fantasy football.

A fumble is when a player has possession of the ball but loses control before he is considered down, which would end the play. A fumble may be recovered by the team that fumbled it but if it is recovered by the defense it is considered a turnover (FR). The fum abbreviation is similar to the int abbreviation, which refers to a turnover by way of a pass that is caught by the defense.


The defense has been stellar in forcing 5 fum in 2 games

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Updated November 10, 2016
2. What does Fum stand for?

Fouled-up mess


When you're discussing dilemmas and SNAFUs, FUM stands for "f***ed-up mess." This three-letter acronym is used to refer to situations that are AFU.

If you don't want to use the strong language that FUM implies, you can instead refer to a problematic state of affairs as a dumpster fire or hot mess. If you want to assure someone they'll be able to straighten out a FUM, you can fight fire with fire by telling them to CTFD.


This is one FUM we're in right now!

Bruce Campbell looking upon a FUM

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Updated December 23, 2020

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