What does textplanation mean?

Text explanation

A textplanation is a text sent to explain a previously sent text. It occurs when a person sends a confusing or cryptic text that is misunderstood by the recipient and requires explanation.

Since texts strip out voice inflection, they can be very confusing to the recipient, especially if sarcasm is implied. Textplanations are usually required to resolve a textastrophe. If you find yourself in a situation that demands a textplanation it is probably be better to stop texting and call him or her, as textplanations can lead to more confusion. The term appears in the "Textmergency" song featured in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a TV show on The CW.


I wrote a long textplanation to my mom after I sent her that gross pic
How did it go?
She is still traumatized

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Updated August 1, 2016

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