What does textastrophe mean?

Texting catastrophe

Textastrophe is when a person sends a text with sensitive information to the wrong recipient. This action results in a social catastrophe, which leads to the "textastrophe" name, a combination of "text" and "catastrophe."

There are a number of ways you can cause a textastrophe. You could send an inappropriate picture of a body part to your mom, a gross joke to your aunt, or a TMI message to coworkers. The only way to prevent a textastrophe after sending the text is to get on the recipient's phone and delete the message before he or she sees it. A textplanation is usually required to put out the fires created by the textastrophe. The term appears in the "Textmergency" song featured in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a TV show on The CW.


I caused a textastrophe when I sent a picture to my gf of the gift I got her for xmas!
Oops, I texted the wrong number
Oops, I texted the wrong number

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Updated January 21, 2019

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