Textual Chemistry

What is textual chemistry?

Romantic chemistry between two people via text messages

Textual chemistry is when two people experience a special romantic connection via text messages. The messaging may also occur online via social media or other messaging channels.

Where did textual chemistry come from?

As dating went digital in the 2010s, a need for textual chemistry between potential partners became more apparent. There are no clear origins for who coined the term, but the name comes from the phrase "sexual chemistry," which refers to the compatibility between two partners on a physical level.

What are signs of textual chemistry?

Signs you have textual chemistry with a person include anticipation to receive their messages, comfortability, security, and similar flirtation style. You also never moon their messages.

People with textual chemistry typically have chemistry in real life (IRL) since they enjoy communicating with each other and about similar subjects. However, some people are much better at communicating remotely than in the same room, where body language and physical intimacy come into play. But if the in-person interactions are really terrible, you may be a victim of catfishing and someone else wrote those texts to you.


He's cute and all but do you have textual chemistry with him?

That feeling of textual chemistry

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Updated September 13, 2021

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