Tip Fatigue

What is tip fatigue?

Weariness of tipping workers

Tip fatigue is the tiredness consumers feel about being prompted to tip workers, such as servers, bartenders, instructors, nannies, baristas, and food deliverers. The term gained prominence in January 2023 as inflation made it more difficult for consumers to afford tips on top of rising prices.

Additionally, the methods by which gratuities are collected have led to tip fatigue. Digital checkout screens have largely replaced tip jars on counters, creating social pressure to tip the suggested amount (20% or more) regardless of the service quality for fear of judgment from others.

Also, more places, such as fast food establishments, have begun collecting tips, leading to more fatigue. Because of this, many consumers have cut down on how often they go out to avoid the additional spending.


You wanna go to a restaurant for dinner?
IDK. I got tip fatigue from last time when I pretty much doubled my bill
USA Today tipping fatigue tweet
USA Today tipping fatigue tweet

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Updated February 8, 2023

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