What is tipflation?

Inflation of monetary tips

Tipflation is the increased amount of money businesses (and their workers) are asking consumers to tip for services. You will see tipflation in various industries, including food service, food delivery, nannying, and bartending.

The term comes from the combination of "tip" and "inflation" and became popular in January 2023 as the cost of living rose due to inflation. Tipflation is also similar to tip creep and leads to tip fatigue.

While increased prices are the main reason for tipflation, technology has contributed to it, too. For example, many businesses employ digital card readers to complete payments, and these devices typically prompt the consumer with a screen suggesting a tip amount (often 20% of the bill). To make matters worse, others can see the amount you choose on the screen, creating social pressure to avoid judgment.


Tipflation is ruining everything!
IKR? My golf instructor expected a tip after I paid him top dollar

Common reaction to tipflation

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Updated February 8, 2023

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