What does TRDMF stand for?

Tears running down my face

When you feel emotional, whether it be happy or sad, you may send TRDMF to share how you feel. The acronym may refer to tears of joy or sadness running down your face.

Where does TRDMF come from?

The origins of TRDMF are murky. While it may have existed before the 2010s, it didn't gain much notable usage until social media users began using it on Facebook and Twitter.

Who uses TRDMF?

Teenagers and adults may use TRDMF when they are experiencing significant feels. However, teens are most likely to use it because they tend to exaggerate stuff.

When do I use TRDMF?

You can use TRDMF when reacting to an image, video, or story someone has shared on social media, via text message, or on a forum that has made you extremely happy or sad. It may be a sentimental video about a soldier reuniting with his family or a post about putting the family dog down. Whatever it is, it pulled at your heartstrings, producing tears of joy or sadness that are running down your face. And now you have to go fix your mascara.


I had TRDMF at the end of that movie!

Tobey sad

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Updated March 23, 2021

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