What does LWT stand for?

Laughing with tears

LWT (laughing with tears) is when something is so funny that you laugh so hard and cry. You may see it in text messages and online, especially on social media, to react to hilarious pictures, memes, videos, and stories.

When do I use LWT?

You should only use LWT when reacting to something VERY funny, such as a hilarious viral video or an incredibly embarrassing personal story. You can respond to moderately funny things with LOL or haha.

LWT is just one of many terms coined to express extreme laughter. Others include Dying, LOLUSA, BRLCFH, LLACP, LMAOROTF, and LMFAOPIMP.


That was so funny, I am lwt right now!

Stefon LWT on SNL

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Updated June 10, 2021

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