What does tryhard mean?

A person who cares too much about winning

If you've ever played Mario Kart with someone who cares way, way too much about winning, you've encountered a tryhard. In gaming, tryhards are players who equate winning with having fun and often pursue victory to the detriment of other players' enjoyment.

A player's tryhardness often becomes most apparent when playing a typically casual game with non-gamer friends. The tryhard will dominate the game, call out their friends' lack of skill, and generally ruin what would have otherwise been a chill gaming session.

The term tryhard can also be used outside gaming. When used outside gaming, the word often describes a person who is trying and not quite succeeding to project a certain image of themself. For example, a teenager who is trying to fit in with the "popular" kids at their school may be labeled a tryhard.


Travis, you're gonna sit out until you figure out that you should stop being such a tryhard
A gamer living the tryhard life
A gamer living the tryhard life

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Updated January 26, 2021

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