What is tryna short for online and in messages?

Trying to

Tryna is a common abbreviation people use in messages and online for "trying to." For example, your friend may text you, "im tryna get tix but no luck so far."

Besides online and in messages, you may also hear the abbreviation in person since it's easier to pronounce (removes a syllable). For example, your brother may respond, "Aight, just tryna get a decent job," when asked how he's doing at your birthday party.

Origin of tryna

The abbreviation "tryna" originated from the Black community and falls under the AAVE category. It is unclear who coined tryna, but the abbreviation made its way into messages and online from the verbal pronunciation of "trying to" in the Black community, similar to the imma abbreviation for "I'm going to."


all these haters coming at me when all im tryna do is live my life
word, dawg
Humorous tweet from a user tryna to see where he went wrong
Humorous tweet from a user tryna to see where he went wrong

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Updated June 2, 2023

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