Turkey Day

What does turkey day mean?

Thanksgiving day

Turkey day is another way to refer to Thanksgiving day, which is an American holiday that occurs on the fourth Thursday of November. The name comes from the traditional main course, which is turkey.

Turkey day is a fun way to refer to the Thanksgiving holiday that also works as an abbreviation for "Thanksgiving day". It was made a federal holiday in 1863 during the Civil War by Abraham Lincoln. Millions of turkeys are consumed every Thanksgiving, which is why the "Turkey day" name became popular. The turkeys are typically roasted and stuffed but may also be deep fried.

Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October, in Liberia on the first Thursday of November, and in Norfolk Island on the last Wednesday of November.


I can't wait for Turkey day!
Yeah, I'm gonna be in food coma for dayssssss
Turkey meal on Turkey day
Turkey meal on Turkey day

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Updated November 29, 2017

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