What is Friendsgiving?

Thanksgiving with friends

Friendsgiving is a gathering of friends around Thanksgiving or on the actual holiday. Typically, Friendsgiving involves a meal together, but it may just be a time to enjoy each other's company.

While the idea of Friendsgiving comes from the desire for friends to gather when they have nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving, the term's origins are unclear. Although the first digital evidence dates back to a Usenet (a digital discussion system) post in the late-2000s, the term gained popularity in the early-2010s, especially as college students shared pictures of Friendsgiving gatherings on social media as they returned home to see high school friends.

Is Friendsgiving meant to replace Thanksgiving?

Most Friendsgiving gatherings happen the weekend before or after Thanksgiving. However, some Friendsgiving gatherings occur on the Thursday holiday if they consist of friends with nowhere to go. For example, they may be estranged from family, their family has no plans, or they live far from the gathering and are unable to travel.


C'mon, John and Dave will be at the Friendsgiving, u gotta join us!
Alright, I'll come for a couple of hours
A Friendsgiving gathering from the Friends TV show
A Friendsgiving gathering from the Friends TV show

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Updated November 23, 2022

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