1. What does NFL stand for?

National Football League

NFL means National Football League. It is an acronym for the most popular sporting organization in the United States.

The football acronym is not to be confused with soccer, which the rest of the world knows as football. The league was created in 1920 and now consists of 32 teams split up between the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). The winners of the two conferences play each other in the Super Bowl to crown the champion. The NFL is one of the four major U.S. professional sports, along with the MLB, NHL, and NBA.


What do you like better, the NFL or college football?
Although I love both, the NFL is way better
The iconic shield of the NFL and the 32 teams that make up the AFC and NFC
The iconic shield of the NFL and the 32 teams that make up the AFC and NFC

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Updated January 23, 2017
2. What does NFL stand for?

Not freakin' likely


When something is implausible to happen, people may refer to it as "NFL," which stands for "not freakin' likely." Most people send it in texts and online messages in chat rooms and social media.

You will most likely see NFL used to refer to the "National Football League," but slang-savvy people who use lots of chat lingo to shorten things may use it to be efficient and sound cool. These users typically send it when they passionately think something won't happen and think that NL (not likely) isn't strong enough.

Since the acronym is obscure, be careful who you send it to because it may confuse the recipient and require you to explain what it stands for. Also, some people may find NFL to be offensive since "freakin'" may also be interpreted as "f******."


It's NFL that I'm going 2nite after that incident!

That NFL look

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Updated May 23, 2022

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