What is a tweenager?

A pre-teenager

A tweenager is a person who is a pre-adolescent youth on the verge of becoming a teenager. The "tween" is typically between the ages 9 and 12.

Tweenager originates from "between" which refers to the age range where a young person transitions from child to teenager status. It became popular in the early-2000s as a way to describe these strange and usually awkward years. A tweenager is going through, or just about to go through, puberty, which greatly influences their physical appearance and social awareness.

While it is most often used to describe the awkward pre-teenager years, it may also be used to describe the general youthfulness of a person, regardless of his or her age. He or she may act or look like an eternal youth and be dubbed a "tweenager."


My lil sister just became a Tweenager yesterday
God help us all!
Girl Meets World is all about tweenagers
Girl Meets World is all about tweenagers

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Updated November 30, 2020

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