1. What does tweener mean?

Tennis shot

A tennis shot in which the player hits the ball between his or her legs while facing backwards; most often used when running towards the back of the court to return a deep lob from the other player.


It seems like Federer hits at least one tweener per match these days

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Updated September 4, 2014
2. What is a tweener in pro wrestling?

A wrestler who is neither hero nor villain

In professional wrestling, a tweener is a wrestler who is not quite a face but also not quite a heel. For example, a tweener might be a face who wrestles dirty or a heel who audiences love to cheer for.

For example, The Rock was a tweener for much of his career. Even when presented as a face, The Rock often wrestled using heel tactics, making him more of an anti-hero than a true hero.

Tweeners often wrestle against both faces and heels, making it possible for them to be either the hero or a villain in a particular match. In contrast, faces typically wrestle only heels, and heels typically wrestle only faces.


IMO, Diesel was the original tweener

The aforementioned Diesel (such a bad boy)

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Updated September 23, 2021

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