What does SNERT stand for in messages?

Snot nosed egotistical rude teenager

SNERT is an acronym that describes a teenage jerk. People often use it when messaging about a rude adolescent.

For example, if you ride a subway and a teen plays loud music on a speaker, you may text your friend, "About to throw myself off this train unless this SNERT turns off his terrible music." Or, you might reminisce about how you were terrible to your school teachers in high school, "I remember how much of a SNERT I was to my teachers. They were saints to put up with me."

Before you get too critical of teens, remember that they are challenging years. After all, weren't we all like that at some point in our teenage years?


That SNERT walks around like he owns the place
He needs to be humbled
His freshman year is going to be a rude awakening
SNERT in the backseat
SNERT in the backseat

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Updated September 6, 2023

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