Ugly Cry

What does ugly cry mean?

To sob unattractively

An "ugly cry" is when you shed tears in a very unattractive manner. They may be tears of joy or sadness but are without a doubt, an objectively off-putting manifestation of emotion.

What does ugly crying look like?

When you ugly cry, your mascara may run, making you look like a raccoon, your face may scrunch up like you smelled a fart, and snot may stream (or bubble) out of your nostrils. You may also make a heave-crying sound like a wailing ghost in the night (a la Dwight Schrute).

When might you ugly cry?

Typically, ugly cries are reserved for when you are extremely emotional and don't care about your personal appearance. Perfect storms that lead to ugly cries include an unexpected loss of a loved one, a childhood pet dying, a favorite character getting horrifically killed off a TV show (any GOT episode), and pregnant women experiencing... anything.


Every time I see Mufasa die I ugly cry. I can't control it

Colbert ugly crying from extreme happiness

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Updated June 30, 2021

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