What kind of person is a crybully?

A person who bullies people while playing the victim

A crybully is a person that bullies other people while playing the victim. The term combines "crybaby" and "bully" and is often used to describe people on social media that use some perceived slight to harass others.

The most common social channels where crybullies appear is on Twitter and Facebook. These types of people get offended by something and use it as an excuse to go after others. Crybullies have an eye-for-an-eye mentality and can use almost anything as an excuse to get riled up. Crybullies are most volatile when it comes to politics, so watch out.


She reprimanded him for being insensitive to her gender identity, then filled up his wall with hateful posts about him supporting abortion
What a crybully

Veruca Salt is a great example of a crybully

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Updated August 7, 2019

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