Ugly Hot

What does ugly hot mean?

Physically attractive despite some ugly features

Ugly hot is a term used to describe a person who, despite some ugly features, is still physically attractive. The term is typically applied to males but may also be used for females.

Ugly hot people are very mysterious because there is something just a little off about them to not be thought of as completely attractive. The ugly/hot debate usually centers around the person's facial features. The person's nose may be too big, eyebrows may be unequal or too thin, or eyes may be too bulgy.

Of course, attractiveness is subjective but when there's a large number of people that agree that a person is ugly hot, they are probably on to something. Some examples of ugly hot guys are Adrien Brody, Benedict Cumberbatch, Travis Scott, Pete Davidson, Chance the Rapper, Woody Harrelson, Adam Driver, and Evan Peters.


Timothee Chalamet is my biggest crush
Yeah, I can see that. If you like ugly hot guys
Adrien Brody is a common ugly hot candidate
Adrien Brody is a common ugly hot candidate

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Updated February 1, 2019

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