What does UW stand for?

You're welcome

People may send "UW" to respond to someone's "Thanks" or "Thx." UW is similar to the more common YW, which stands for "you're welcome," but utilizes a "u" instead of a "y."

Most people send UW online when messaging or responding to comments on social media. They may also use it when texting. For example, if a friend thanks you on Twitter or in a text for a favor you did for them, you may respond with "UW. Glad to help."

If you want to acknowledge someone's show of gratitude more enthusiastically, you can use YVW in place of UW. Or, you can simply tell them, "NP!"


Thanks for coming to the game tonight!
UW, it was fun!

Bill Murray may or may not use UW

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Updated August 22, 2022

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