What is vaguebooking?

Making deliberately enigmatic social media posts

Vaguebooking is the practice of posting deliberately cryptic or vague content to social media, in hopes that others will ask what's going on. As you might expect, vaguebooking originated on Facebook, where users often post statuses that state they are angry, happy, surprised, or otherwise emotional, but don't explain why.

However, vaguebooking now takes place on almost every social media platform, including Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. For example, a user might express general frustration in a TikTok video, but not explain why they're frustrated. That video would be an example of vaguebooking.

Sometimes, people vaguebook simply because they want to express their emotions without getting into specifics. Other times, people vaguebook specifically in hopes that their vague and emotional posts will prompt others to respond and pay attention to them.


Claire's been vaguebooking all this week. I guess one of us should ask what's going on
I nominate you
Some not so vague vaguebooking
Some not so vague vaguebooking

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Updated April 21, 2023

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