Facebook Slang

Love it or hate it, Facebook is almost impossible to avoid. Whether you only visit Facebook occasionally or post on your friends' timelines multiple times a day, it's helpful to know common Facebook slang. Below is a list of slang terms that are often used on Facebook.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
TBHTo be honest
FriendversaryFriendship anniversary
LMSLike my status
SDSweet dreams
LPPLikes per post
Keyboard warriorA person that posts controversial opinions online
HIFWHow I felt when
Facebook friendA friend on Facebook, but most likely not in real life
FacestalkingLooking through someone's pictures on Facebook
UnfriendTo remove a friend on Facebook
ShelfiePicture of objects arranged on a shelf
Ghost postA Facebook comment that was removed
S4SShare for share
GPOYWGratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday
fboFacebook official
MFWMy face when
NPRNot page related
SnoozefeedTo scroll your newsfeed instead of getting out of bed
FaceremorseRemorse after posting on Facebook
MIRLMe in real life
fbfFacebook friend
QOTDQuestion of the day
ProcrastibakingBaking to put off something else
FitfamA group of fitness-minded social media users
Likers get rateAnyone who likes this post will get a rate
DGYFDang girl, you're fine
FBriendA Facebook friend
FBCFacebook Chat
MRWMy reaction when
VaguebookingMaking deliberately enigmatic social media posts