What is wanna short for?

Want to

Wanna is a common abbreviation you may hear in verbal communication and see written out in texts, online messages, emails, etc. People often use it casually (usually frowned upon in formal situations) when asking a question or stating a desire (or when singing "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

For example, you might tell your friend, "I'm gonna go on vacay for a week at the end of March. You think you could watch my dog for me?" Or, your dad might ask you on the phone, "Do you wanna go to the game with us when we are in town? Our treat."

Wanna is one of many options for combining two or more words. Other options include gonna, imma, and dunno.


U wanna hang out after the game?
Bet. Text me when you are done

When you are homesick and wanna go home

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Updated November 13, 2023

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