We Move

What does we move mean?

We carry on

People say "we move" in response to something challenging to reiterate that they will persevere despite the circumstances. It's meant to be a positive and encouraging rally cry.

The saying became popular in 2020 and comes from the sentiment that you need to keep pushing forward when you encounter obstacles. It is similar to a train that chugs along the tracks and pushes through impediments or when Dory (from Finding Nemo) just keeps swimming. Examples of when you might say "we move" include losing a job, getting dumped, or rehabbing an injury.

People may also say "we move" as an affirmative response to a question or statement to indicate agreement. For example, when you are asked out to dinner, you can respond with "we move." Keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with the term so you may confuse some people.


I'm sorry about your break-up
Thanks, we move
A "we move" tweet
A "we move" tweet

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Updated October 26, 2021

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