What does ragequit mean?

To angrily quit a game

Ragequitting is when someone angrily quits a game before it is over. It is typically due to the person thinking the game was unfair or because he was decisively defeated and didn't want to play out the rest of the game.

Most ragequitting occurs during online gaming where there are many young and immature gamers that can't handle the taste of defeat. But it also occurs in real-life situations, like sporting competitions and board games.

Ragequitting may rear its ugly head in many different forms. Online, it usually involves a yelled obscenity or insult and may also include a thrown controller or smashing of the keyboard and computer monitor. Or, the ragequitter may leave the match quietly and then "hulk" out on an innocent object or family member.

When ragequitting in-person, the person most often yells an obscenity or insult and may destroy something, as well. In the case of a board game, the ragequitter may flip over the board game, which makes for an epic slow-motion shot and leads to some very mad co-players.

If you are a repeat ragequitter in a gaming community, you will most likely be a favorite target of trolls and griefers. And although ragequitting can often be a hilarious scene, it gets old really quickly, so if you commonly ragequit, you should probably get some help for your anger issues.


That guy ragequit after I beat him with an early rush attack
Yeah, he was on the verge of tears

Gamer ragequitting in his mom's basement

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Updated March 2, 2021

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