What does welp mean?


Welp is an informal variation of "well," which people commonly use as a verbal shrug. Times when people often use it are when they are disappointed, breaking up an awkward pause, or before saying goodbye.

You may see or hear welp in various contexts, including online, in messages, and in real life (IRL). For example, after a conversation concludes, there might be an awkward 3-second pause followed by, "Welp, I'll see you later!"

People often use it on social media, particularly when they are disappointed or to preface a disappointing post. For example, if someone has bad news to share, they may tweet, "Welp, it looks like we didn't hit our goal, but we appreciate all your hard work."


Welp, looks like we're gonna miss the show
Sorry, bud. IK how much you were looking forward to the play
Welp tweet from LeBron James
Welp tweet from LeBron James

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Updated March 31, 2023

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