G2G has 2 meanings
1. What does G2G stand for?

Got to go

Someone who sent you G2G has "got to go." You're most likely to receive this acronym at the end of online chat conversations, when the person you're chatting with has to leave ASAP.

To quickly say goodbye to someone who has sent you G2G, reply with GB or GBFN. You should be able to type and send these short farewells before the person you're chatting with signs off.


Shoot, I'm going to be late for class, g2g!

A man who has G2G

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Updated December 22, 2022
2. What does G2G stand for?

Good to go

If you are "G2G," you are "good to go." This means that everything is in order and ready to leave, take off, run, etc.

Most people use G2G when messaging online and via texts. Some examples of when you might be G2G include when at a dull party, about to present in front of the class, or prepared to play an important game. Marines also use it to signal that they are ready to commence.

You may also describe a thing as good to go when it's in proper working order. For example, a mechanic may say a car is G2G, a postal worker may say a package is G2G, a chef may declare a dish is G2G, or an IT professional may label a computer as G2G.


I'm g2g. We can leave whenever you are ready

Best feeling ever is when your food is G2G

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Updated November 9, 2021

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