What does TTYL stand for?

Talk to you later

TTYL is commonly used when texting and messaging online to say, "Talk to you later" at the end of a conversation. It is one of several variations, including "TTUL," "T2UL," and "t2ul8r."

Most people send it to others they think they will talk to again at another point in time, such as a friend or acquaintance. They may have just ended an online gaming match or need to go into a meeting and can't talk until later.

TTYL is ambiguous since "later" is very subjective. It could refer to a period of time in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months. You'll need to discern the immediacy of the "later" from the context of your conversation.


I'll pick you up tonite around 8, cool?
OK, that sounds good. TTYL!
When TTYL is too long
When TTYL is too long

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Updated October 25, 2021

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