What does whitesplain mean?

To explain racism to a person of color

Whitesplain is a term that refers to when a white person tries to explain the true nature of racism to a person of color. It combines "white" and "explain".

Whitesplaining is usually done by oblivious white people with good intentions. They are sharing their perspective but not in a way that conveys understanding of the plight of colored people. It comes across as condescending and totally inappropriate considering that white people have not experienced racism the same way that colored people have, especially in America. Backlash against whitesplaining usually occurs on social media where opinions are more often exchanged.


Did you see his tweet yesterday?
No, was it bad?
Well, do you think whitesplaining racism to a civil rights leader is bad?
Yikes. :-/
Response to a Rob Schneider whitesplain tweet

Response to a Rob Schneider whitesplain tweet

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Updated January 17, 2017

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