What does 5Head mean on Twitch?

Very smart

Typically, Twitch users enter 5Head in chat when a streamer has made an intelligent play or said something smart. Users may also post 5Head sarcastically, to ridicule a streamer when they've messed up or said something dumb.

What is the origin of 5Head?

Like many Twitch-related slang terms, 5Head originated as an emote. The 5Head emote is a distorted version of the 4Head emote, which features LoL streamer Cadburry laughing. In the 5Head emote, Cadburry's forehead is enlarged to epic proportions, making it seem as though he must have a giant brain (and thus be very intelligent).

How is 5Head used?

You can enter 5Head in chat anytime you want to praise a streamer for doing or saying something intelligent, as well as anytime you want to sarcastically mock a streamer for screwing up. Users with access to the 5Head emote can enter :5Head: in Twitch chat to generate the emote. Those who post the 5Head emote often pair it with the "glass of wine" emote, to convey the image of an intellectual sipping a glass of wine and holding forth.


Would not have seen that line myself. 5HEAD
The 5Head emote
The 5Head emote

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Updated January 27, 2022

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