What does WTFAY stand for?

Where the f*** are you?


WTFAY is an aggressive way of asking, "Where are you?" People who use it are usually frustrated about not knowing a person's whereabouts, whether in real life or a video game.

For example, if your friend is late to the theater and you don't want to miss the start, you might text them, "WTFAY? You're 10 minutes late!" Or, when your co-worker is late to a meeting, you may text them, " The meeting starts in 2 minutes. WTFAY?"

WTFAY is one of many options for asking about someone's location. Some include WTFRU, WRU, and WYA.


This level is too big! WTFAY?
By the lower re-spawn area

That helpless WTFAY feeling

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Updated November 28, 2022

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