What does WTFRU stand for?

Where the f*** are you?


If you're lost or late, your friends and family members may use WTFRU to (angrily) ask where you are. This acronym is a signal that you'd better get moving ASAP, to wherever it is you're supposed to be.

Gamers may receive WTFRU in gaming chat, when they're supposed to have met up with another player but failed to do so. For example, if your LoL teammate expected you to back them up in a lane, and your absence got them killed, they may send you "WTFRU??? I needed your help!"


WTFRU? You said you'd pick me up at the library a half hour ago
OMG, I totally forgot. Be right there!

TMW you're about to send WTFRU

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Updated April 17, 2023

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