What does WTHIH stand for?

Who the heck is he


WTHIH stands for "who the heck is he," and is typically used in text messages or online when confused about the identity of a guy.

An instance in which you would use WTHIH is when one or more people are texting about a guy you are unfamiliar with, like Amy's new crush or an obscure actor. Or you may see it online in the comments section when a user is puzzled or annoyed by the person in the video, image, article, etc.

WTHIH is uncommon and mostly used by slang-savvy people who use lots of chat lingo so be careful who you send it to since it may just confuse them. Also, some people may find WTHIH to be offensive since "heck" may also be interpreted as "h***."


I can't believe Amy and Taylor got caught making out in gym class
Taylor? WTHIH?!?

That WTHIH look

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Updated January 11, 2021

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