What does catfish mean?

To assume a false identity

Catfish is when a person pretends to be someone they are not online. The term was made famous by a 2010 documentary and subsequent TV show of the same name.

The term commonly refers to users who deceive other users on social sites, particularly with online romances. A prominent example of a catfishing romance is when football player Manti Te’o was duped into believing he was dating a woman with cancer. He later discovered that the girl didn't exist and that a man had been pretending to be his girlfriend. Catfish is typically used as a verb but can also be used as a noun to label a person as a catfish.


You still haven't met her after dating for three months?
Yeah, she keeps making excuses
That's sketchy man, you might be dating a catfish
A guy getting catfished online by an actual catfish
A guy getting catfished online by an actual catfish

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Updated December 11, 2017

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