What does WTW stand for?

What's the word

In social media, chat, and text messages, WTW most often stands for "what's the word." This acronym is used similarly to "what's up," to ask how and/or what someone is doing.

For example, your friend Johnny might text you "WTW, how you been?" This is Johnny's (rather feeble) attempt to start a conversation with you, by asking what you've been doing lately.

Other meanings of WTW

In some cases, WTW instead stands for "what the what," which is a clean alternative to WTF, or "what to wear." Hopefully, context will help you determine which version of WTW you're dealing with.


WTW, are we good for Tuesday night poker?
No, sorry - Alex is out that night. I have to watch the kids
Bruh. Come on!

WTW means "what's the word"

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Updated May 19, 2023

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