What does bruh mean?


Bruh is another way to refer to a friend (typically male) that is a variation of bro, similar to "dude." People often use it when exasperated or surprised by something someone (guy or girl) did or said. For example, your buddy may say something so stupid that all you can muster is "bruh" (like SMH).

Origin of bruh

Some sources date "bruh" back to the 19th century as a shortened form for "brother" (particularly in the Black community) that extended to the 20th century. It then gained a resurgence in the 1990s among laid-back skaters and surfers, along with brah and broham, as a way to address each other (typically in a friendly manner).

However, in the 2020s, teenagers and kids began using it confrontationally when reacting to something they disagreed with or were surprised about. For example, if a mom interrupts her kid's video game to tell him to clean his room, he might reply with, "Bruh!"


bruh, wuts good?
nm, u?
jc, my man!
When you can't believe what your bruh just said
When you can't believe what your bruh just said

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Updated November 21, 2023

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