What does brah mean?


Brah is a variation of bro and bruh with an alternate skater- or surfer-style accent. People typically use it informally when addressing close friends, but they may also use it with strangers in contentious matters.

Additionally, people use it in various contexts, including in person, in messages, and online. For example, you may see your good friend for the first time in several months and say, "Brah! So good to see you!" Or, you might message a rando online over a sports hot take, "brah. Mahomes is the GOAT. Go touch grass."

Origin of brah

The origin of the slang term "brah" traces back to the Hawaiian Pidgin language. It is short for "braddah," which means "brother." It is especially prominent in surf culture.


So, what r we doing 2nite brah?
IDK brah, what r u thinking?
Brah, I love him so much
Brah, I love him so much

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Updated November 21, 2023

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