What does XOX stand for?

Kiss, hug, kiss

XOX is a way to send digital affection online, in emails, and in texts. It may also be written in greeting cards and letters to give a hug and kisses to the recipient.

Where did XOX come from?

XOX is a variation of the more common XOXO acronym. The "X" represents a "kiss," and the "O" represents a "hug." The origins of XOXO are not clear.

Some trace the meaning of "X" back to the Middle Ages when the Christian cross symbol evolved into a kiss of sworn faith to Jesus placed on documents and envelopes to verify its authenticity. And others trace the "O" back to Jewish immigrants that used the "O" as a signature when arriving in the U.S. The "O" was eventually married to the "X" to show affection through hugs and kisses.

How do I use XOX?

You can use XOX in any circumstance where you want to quickly communicate affection for someone, like in an email or birthday card. The affection may be perceived as friendly or romantic and is typically defined by the relationship between the two people.

Since XOX is widely understood, you can use it with most people, and they will understand it. Although, they may be confused why you didn't send the longer and more common XOXO.


Luv ya! XOX!

An adorable real-life XOX

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Updated May 10, 2021

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