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1. What does K stand for?


K is a popular abbreviation for "OK," which in itself, is an abbreviation for "Okay." It is often used to answer in the affirmative to someone's question or comment.

The abbreviation is used by all ages online and in text messages. It's a perfect option for those who think typing "OK" just takes too long.

While it is often used for responding to questions or statements, keep in mind that some people may get annoyed if you only answer "K." For example, if someone tells you, "I love you," don't respond with "K."


K, I'll cu at 7 2nite!

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Updated May 20, 2020
2. What does K mean in baseball?


In baseball, "K" is an abbreviation for "strikeout," which is when a batter is called out on three strikes (after swinging and missing or having a third strike called on him by the umpire). Analysts and fans use K in baseball statistics to keep track of a pitcher's or batter's strikeouts.

You will commonly seen it during a game when fans display the amount of Ks a pitcher accumulates. When a pitcher strikes out a batter without the batter swinging, a backwards K is displayed.

Fans and analysts may also use SO to refer to the number of strikeouts by a pitcher or batter. Nolan Ryan is the all-time leader for strikeouts by a pitcher with 5,714. People may also use K as a verb, meaning "to strike out."


Kershaw had 13 K last nite but still almost lost the game!

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Updated October 1, 2014
3. What does K mean?


If someone sends you the letter "K" (or <K>) when texting or messaging online, they are most likely sending you a virtual kiss. People typically send the kiss romantically, but they may also intend it to be platonic, like when your mom sends you a reassuring text message.

Along with the K, you may also receive an H (or <H>), which represents a hug. If you want to kiss someone back digitally, you can respond with KB. You can also respond with the more common XOXO or HK.


You were great last nite!
Thanks, you are so sweet! <K>

Sending a K

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Updated June 1, 2022
4. What is k short for?


K is an abbreviation for kicker in football and fantasy football (FFB). It refers to the position responsible for kicking field goals for 3 points and kicking off to the other team after scoring.

In FFB, a kicker can score points for a team by making field goals. In some FFLs they get more points the farther the field goal is too. The K position is used in most FFB formats although some leagues don't include the lineup because of the perceived boringness of the position. Some famous NFL kickers include Adam Vinatieri, Mark Moseley, Jason Elam, Gary Anderson, Matt Stover, and Morten Andersen.


I can't believe their K missed the field goal to win the game. It was only 27 yards away!
Adam Vinatieri attempting a field goal
Adam Vinatieri attempting a field goal

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Updated October 20, 2016

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