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What does it mean when someone says, "yeah no"?


When someone replies, "yeah no," they are actually saying, "no." For example, if your friend asks you if you agree that she should get a nose job, you might reply with "yeah no" to confirm that you understand the insecurity she's feeling (the "yeah" part), but you reject her solution of getting it fixed (the "no" part).

The phrase is common in America, especially in areas that prioritize a friendly appearance. For example, many Minnesotans who subscribe to the Minnesota nice lifestyle often use "yeah no" to soften the blow of disagreeing with someone since they want to appear friendly and avoid confrontation.

Yeah, no has an equally-confusing counterpart in "no yeah." However, this saying holds the opposite meaning and is less common.

Nuanced use

While people may use it in messages or online, you will most likely hear people use it in real-life (IRL) conversations. In these cases, its meaning is more nuanced.

For example, if the person kindly says, "yeah no," they are attempting to communicate their "no" reassuringly. However, if they say it as a drawn-out "yeeeeaah no," they may intend it to be a condescending "no."


Do you think I should run away from home and join a band?
Yeah no. I know you love music, but you should graduate high school first

The confusing "yeah no" response

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Updated April 20, 2023

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