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1. What does ye mean?


Ye is another way to say "yes" or "yeah." It can be considered an abbreviation (barely) but is used primarily by teenagers or people on the streets because it sounds and looks cooler.

You may hear it said in-person or typed in a text message or online, especially on social media. It's used to answer in the affirmative so it is commonly seen in replies to questions as a one-word answer or an answer preceding an explanation or another sentence.

Some instances where you'd see "ye" used, especially by teenagers, include "Are you hungry," "Are you tired," "Do you want my credit card to go shopping," and "Do you want to play video games all day." Also, they'll probably say "ye" to "Do you NOT want to clean up your room."


U going to Megan's 2nite?
Ye, boi

The dramatic ye

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Updated March 15, 2021
2. What does YE stand for?


An acronym that stands for a 12-month period; often used in financial reports by managers, owners, and investors to describe a company's performance during that 12-month, or year, time period.


According to our Bill's report on our YE numbers, we will post a profit for the first time in 3 years!

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Updated December 31, 2014

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