What does YGG stand for?

You go girl

YGG is an encouragement offered from one female to another. It stands for "you go girl," and is typically used online and in text messages.

The "you go girl" phrase was popular back in the 1990s as a new wave of female empowerment overcame pop culture in the form of women athletes (e.g. the USWNT) and female pop singers (e.g. the Spice Girls). The saying still resonates in the 2020s, with many millennial women still using it.

Some instances where you might send YGG in a text include when your sister scores a goal or hits a home run. Another instance you may see online is when a woman posts a pic of herself performing a task in a male-dominated profession on social media and another woman posts YGG.


Wow, you've scored over 10 points every game this season. YGG!

Monica encouraging another woman

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Updated March 15, 2021

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