What does YGM stand for online and in messages?

You've got mail

YGM is an acronym for the iconic "You've got mail" greeting made famous by AOL in the 1990s. People typically send it to let others know they have received digital (email) or physical mail.

For example, your mom may text you, "YGM. I put it on the kitchen table." Or your boyfriend might message you, "YGM. I just heard your laptop ding in the other room."

Pop culture fans, specifically movie buffs, may also use YGM to refer to the 1998 rom com starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. For example, your sister may text you, "I think YGM should get more love. I really enjoyed it."


YGM! I just sent you a message with the information you requested

Tom Hanks uttering "YGM" in YGM (mind blown)

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Updated February 27, 2023

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