What does GJP stand for?

Good job partner

GJP is meant to compliment someone on a job well done. Most people use it when gaming, but others may also text or send it when messaging online to affirm someone's actions.

When used in an online gaming match, your teammate may have just killed a formidable enemy, or you might have just won a game against live players. Some examples of games where you might encounter GJP include League of Legends (LoL), World of Warcraft (WoW), StarCraft 2 (SC2), Fortnite, and Halo.

Another time you might use GJP includes encouraging a person who stood up to a cyberbully. Or, you might send GJP to a friend after they text you a pic of their most recent artwork.


GJP – our strategy worked great that last game

That coveted GJP from Chuck Norris

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Updated November 9, 2021

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