What does YKHII stand for?

You know how it is

If a person thinks you understand or are familiar with a certain situation, they may send you "YKHII." Most people use YKHII in texts, online messages, and social media.

People find YKHII useful when they don't want to explain something complex or just don't have the time or space to do so. For example, when texting your friend that your dad grounded you again because of your grades, you might say, "Dad just dropped the hammer again. Won't see you for a week. YKHII."

People sometimes use YKHII when posting something that people can relate to or understand on social media. For example, your friend may post a pic of him with some Benjamins with the caption, "Hustling for dem bills. YKHII."


Sorry I am going to be a little late. Traffic is really bad b/c of the snow... YKHII
YKHII tweet
YKHII tweet

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Updated March 14, 2022

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